Doughnut Economics Open Mandala

Social-Ecological Entrepreneuership Action/Reflection Canvas

Doughnut Economics Open Mandala is a tool designed to assist in the development and maturation of projects, initiatives and/or organisations from a socio-ecological development perspective from a holistic way using the Doughnuts Economics approach. 

It's the things you don't know that will change your lives. - Wolf Vostell

In this sense, it is important to understand that it can be used from a systematised perspective, following a method or guide, but it can also be used from a completely intuitive approach and it can also be used to work with her individually or in a team.

A possible guide for use could follow the following steps:

Define what you are going to use it for

Minimally define what you are going to use it for, whether you are focusing on an innovative initiative, a product or service or you are thinking about your whole organisation...

Observe and explore the whole figure

Before starting it is always advisable to take some time to make a complete review of all the elements of the tool.

Fill in the Donut

Look at each of the 12 areas that make up our "Safe and Fair Space" of work, the inside of the Donut, and try to write down the most relevant aspects of your initiative, product/service or organisation. Don't get blocked if any of the areas are blank, just keep moving forward focusing on your proposal.

Start conversations...

Choose the system of relating the information you prefer, Fluid Relationships, Complementary Relationships or Matching Relationships; and start interconnecting the work areas. 
At this point new information should begin to emerge or the information you have already incorporated should begin to be questioned... Now the Mandala is working and the conversations will begin to emerge... now we just have to enjoy it and ask the right questions without fear!

Hopefully this tool will allow you in your own process to open up new and different ways of working and usefulness. 





    Jaqueline Vasconcellos


    Business regenerative design, connect and learn with other people about regenerative design.

    Deborah Weinreb

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

    A social practice artist and fan of DE I hope to highlight the power of artist involvement.

    Tom Owen-Smith

    Lambeth, London Borough of Lambeth, England, United Ki...

    I’m keen to learn and share ideas on applying Doughnut Economics in my own life and for universities and higher education

    Ryan Pleune

    Denver, Colorado, United States of America

    I am interested in collaborating with others to co-create publicly funded, tuition free and/or sliding scale Forest School.


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