An Introductory Guide to Downscaling the Doughnut

An overview of the tools and stories on DEAL's Community Platform for downscaling the Doughnut to cities and places

Version 1.0 (March 2021)


Here is an overview of tools and stories related to downscaling the Doughnut in cities and places. 
We will keep on adding other tools and stories as they appear.

Getting started - the core methodology

Downscaling the Doughnut: an introduction
This 11 minute video gives an overview of DEAL's holistic approach to downscaling. The focus is on cities, but the methodology can be adapted to many scales, from neighbourhoods to nations.   

Creating City Portraits
This methodological guide presents a step by step approach to downscaling the Doughnut. The methodological guide is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Bajando la escala del Donut: introducción y aplicaciones en naciones y ciudades
Este video de 30 minutos da una introduccion a los conceptos principales de la economía del Donut. El enfoque está en la aplicacion de metodologías para bajar la escala del Donut global a naciones y ciudades.

Examples of cities / local governments downscaling the Doughnut

Amsterdam's City Doughnut Portrait
Amsterdam was the first city to downscale the Doughnut and adopt it as a compass for guiding the city's future. Here is the City Portrait that they published in April 2020, based on the methodological described above.

BBC Newsreel on Doughnut Economics in Amsterdam
This 6 minute video gives a good overview of how Amsterdam is putting the Doughnut into practice.

Webinar: Why Amsterdam and Brussels are adopting Doughnut Economics
In this webinar (February 2021), Kate Raworth presents the downscaled Doughnut, along with Marieke van Doorninck, deputy mayor of Amsterdam,  and Barbara Trachte, Secretary of State for Economic Transition in the Brussels Capital Region - both of whom are putting the Doughnut into action in their respective cities.

Webinar: Putting Doughnut Economics into practice in Amsterdam
In this webinar (January 2021) Kate Raworth presents the approach to downscaling the Doughnut and Eveline Jonckhoff, Head of Sustainability in the City of Amsterdam, describes how the city is integrating Doughnut Thinking into the city's circular strategy.

Other city administrations that have publicly adopted or are publicly exploring the Doughnut include Nanaimo, Canada and Copenhagen, Denmark. Many other city administrations are currently exploring Doughnut Thinking. As these become public, and as their analyses become available, we will share them here. 

Many community-based organisations and networks are also doing fantastic work in downscaling the Doughnut, from the neighbourhood to the nation. We'll be linking to these as they as published. 

Tools for engaging with the Downscaled Doughnut in cities and places

A City Portrait Canvas for Workshops
This workshop tool offers a way for policymakers in cities and places to explore their current strategies through the perspectives of the downscaled Doughnut. The workshop tool is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Doughnut Diagrams in 25+ languages
This tool is a growing list of high-quality colour Doughnut graphics in more than 25 languages, available in both PDF and JPEG formats, which can be used in presentations and workshops. The diagrams include the conceptual Doughnut, the quantified Overshoot Doughnut, and the Embedded Economy.

Other approaches to downscaling the Doughnut

National Doughnuts Data Explorer
This interactive website presents simple downscaled Doughnuts for over 150 nations, based on internationally comparable data.

The Welsh Doughnut by Oxfam Cymru
Oxfam's approach to downscaling the Doughnut, brought to life in Wales.

Academic analyses of downscaled Doughnuts
Academic studies exploring different approaches to downscaling, from South Africa, China and the EU to India and the UK.




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    I’m keen to learn and share ideas on applying Doughnut Economics in my own life and for universities and higher education

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    I am a sustainability professional looking to drive climate action in my local community.

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