Communities: Let's Get Started!

A collection of tools & stories to apply the ideas of Doughnut Economics to your community

Version 1.0 (May 2023)

Summary image picture credit: CIVIC SQUARE


Communities: Let's Get Started is a collection of tools & stories to apply the ideas of Doughnut Economics to your community, whether at the household, street or neighbourhood scale or connecting as networks for systemic change at the city, region or national scale.

The tool contains over 25 tools and 20 stories - with contributions from people, groups, networks and organisations from around the world - to help you get started with your community in your own unique context.

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Why use it?

Doughnut Economics covers so much that it can feel overwhelming! Use this tool to find ways to get started in putting the ideas into practice with your community.

Use it as a signpost to see things you would like to…

  •  do straight away
  •  do in future
  •  share with others

Who is it for?

We believe this tool could be for anyone, whether you're interested in:

  • learning more about the ideas by yourself or with others;
  • introducing the ideas to others in your household, street or neighbourhood and exploring their implications together; or
  • connecting with others at the city, region or national scale to work towards the deeper systemic shifts that are needed.

How long does it take?

It could take just 5 or 10 minutes to flick through some of the possibilities in the tool, but if you want to go deeper, you can set aside an hour or two to read some of the tools and stories contained within Communities: Let's Get Started.

Some of the tools contained here are processes that you can start now but are several months or years long.

Use it as a signpost for things you might want to do straight away, do in future or share with others.


This tool was made by Rob Shorter, with design contributions from Ruurd Priester; Doughnut Economics conceptual contributions from Kate Raworth; communications and technical support from Aimee Laurel and Karn Bianco.

Tool contributions from Mona Ebdrup, Magda Petford, CIVIC SQUARE, Huddlecraft, Jacob Rask, Kavita Purohit, Nettes Derbyshire, Charlotte Bailey, Zoe Gilbertson, The Jump and Leonora Grcheva.

Story contributions from Rieta Aliredjo, Nicole Hartmann, Ben McCallan, Olivia Carpenter-Lomax, Steph Bleach, Roisin Markham, Louise Byng, Tim Frenneaux, Miho Shimizu, Chris Paddock, Robertson Work, Karin Eyben, Sikander Bizenjo, Andrew Fanning, Rosana Rezende, Emi Imai, Alice Howard-Vyse, Kiran Kashyap, Pete Dowson, Zohar Ianovici, Rosa Tibosch, Nicole Barling-Luke, Eva Valencia Lenero, Franziska Raedeker, Dave Kearney-Brown, Della Duncan, Brian Dowling, Anne Sheridan, Aaron Blanco, Bjørn Hauger, Ellen Sjong and Kate Raworth.

Thank you to everyone for their generous contributions!





    Erica Hinckson

    New Zealand

    The Doughnut economics framework resonates with me and direction of my research. Interested to know more.

    Dr Peter Jeffs

    Devizes, UK

    A holistic practitioner looking to build more resilience into his practice and the world.

    Dan Shillabeer

    West Midlands, UK

    Bring - passion, climate knowledge and educational skills. Take - tools, community, vision.

    Corinna Moebius

    Miami, FL (USA)

    Passionate about connecting people to people, place and planet in ways that are sustainable, ethical and eco-socially just.


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