DEAL is turning the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice, and we are engaging in some pioneering initiatives and pilot projects with cities, communities, educators, businesses and governments to do so. Here’s an overview of our work to date.

Cities and Places

We have downscaled the Doughnut to turn it into a City Portrait - a tool for transformative action in cities, working in collaboration with C40 Cities, Circle Economy and Biomimicry 3.8

We have piloted the first version of the methodology in Philadelphia, Portland and Amsterdam, and will be creating further iterations based on lessons learned. 

We also plan to turn this methodology – which was first developed with a focus on the issues and contexts of cities in the global North – into a tool focused on the issues and contexts of cities and nations in the global South. 

At the national scale, we are supporting Regenerate Costa Rica, an initiative which aims to turn the Doughnut into a national-scale tool for monitoring Costa Rica’s journey to becoming a regenerative nation.

Workshops in Philadelphia, Portland and Amsterdam


We are working with Civic Square in Birmingham to downscale the Doughnut into a tool for transformation at the neighbourhood scale. 

Developing a Neighbourhood Doughnut with Civic Square

Education and Research

We have been working with the student-led network, Rethinking Economics, for several years, including co-hosting a competition on the 8th Way to Think Like a 21st Century Economist.

We are also working with the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, which is launching the Centre for Economic Transformation and is revising its educational curriculum in order to incorporate the insights of Doughnut Economics and other 21st century economic theories.

A hive-mind of answers to the 8th Way to Think competition

Business and Enterprise

We have run workshops for executive education programmes and business networks, focusing on the key design traits of business that must be transformed in order for companies to start moving towards doing business in the Doughnut. 

Workshop hosts and partners include Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership; Pontus Schultz Foundation, Stockholm; Casa Firjan, Brazil; We Make The City, Amsterdam; and Saïd Business School, Oxford. 

Business Meets the Doughnut workshop in Hannover, Germany

Government and Policy

We work with the ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economics to turn the Doughnut into a practical compass and set of tools for European policymakers who are seeking to create thriving economies within social and planetary boundaries.

We have presented the core concepts of Doughnut Economics in conferences, workshops and briefings with a wide range of politicians, civil servants, governmental departments and inter-governmental organisations including in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Canada and New Zealand, the European Commission and the United Nations.

Presenting National Doughnuts to ministerial staff, the Netherlands, and the Donut 4EU

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